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OSX shell script for carrying out a spotlight search on words in all PDFs from the proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression.
echo "Outputting some NIME data"
for ((i=2001; i<=$max; ++i )) ;
echo "NIME $i"
mdfind -count -onlyin $i music
mdfind -count -onlyin $i gesture
mdfind -count -onlyin $i action
mdfind -count -onlyin $i motion
mdfind -count -onlyin $i movement
mdfind -count -onlyin $i emotion
mdfind -count -onlyin $i expressive
mdfind -count -onlyin $i "motion capture"
mdfind -count -onlyin $i accelerometer
mdfind -count -onlyin $i wii
mdfind -count -onlyin $i kinect
mdfind -count -onlyin $i "leap motion"
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