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Last active May 5, 2020 00:34
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Parameter Example Value Explaination
adminPassword Complex#$@Password123 Admin password for both the database
availabilityDomain rMTbAP-MELBOURNE-1-AD-1 Availability Domain for the ExaCS. I happen to be using Melbourne AU
autoBackupEnabled true Automatic backups enabled?
backupSubnetId ocid1.subnet.oc1.ap-melbourne-1.aaaaaaaasgzvm5bpgch44qtplg52cpseyg2r4ziaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaerdsq ExaCS needs a separate backup network. Enter the OCID for this network here
clusterName clustername1 The name of the RAC cluster
compartmentId ocid1.compartment.oc1..aaaaaaaasl3uge72u5xemtqwrpzo2t3tfjawv4k33haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaja Compartment OCID that you wan the ExaCS in
cpuCoreCount 8 Initial OCPUs allocated across the ExaCS nodes
dbName dbname Database name for initial DB
dbVersion LATEST Database (and therefore ASM/GI) version. I suggest you go with latest. You can then create new DB homes of earlier versions (back to 11.2). This gives you the greatest flexibility.
dbWorkload OLTP Is the DB an OLTP or DSS geared DB?
diskRedundancy HIGH HIGH ASM disk redundnacy is the only option for ExaCS
displayName console_display_name OCI Console Display Name
domain client_subnet_domain The domain name for the ExaCS Client network. Used to fully qualify host and SCAN addresses
hostname hostname_prefix Hostname prefix - ie 1-8 will be appended depending on the ExaCS Shape
licenseModel BRING_YOUR_OWN_LICENSE Are you using existing licenses or are you going LICENSE_INCLUDED?
nodeCount 0 For ExaCS this will be 0 - the number of nodes is determined by the shape.
pdbName pdb1 The initial PDB name
shape Exadata.Base.48 This is the ExaCS Shape - eg Exadata.Full3.400 or Exadata.Quarter2.92
sparseDiskgroup true Do you want to allocate some space to create/use sparse clones?
sshAuthorizedKeysFile ./keys.txt Reference to a file with the SSH Public keys you want added to the compute nodes
storageManagement ASM ASM is the only option for ExaCS
subnetId ocid1.subnet.oc1.ap-melbourne-1.aaaaaaaacrvjzuook7wdxqv5bvfnfbr2ksp7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanlmcuxcq This is the client network - ie where actual DB client connections will be coming to
timeZone Australia/Melbourne Finally, the timezone you want the ExaCS instance to be created with - My ExaCS is in Melbourne AU hence Austraia/Melbourne
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