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Installing Bitcoin from Source with APT

# Install build tools
sudo apt install git build-essential libtool autotools-dev automake pkg-config libssl-dev libevent-dev bsdmainutils libboost-system-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-chrono-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-test-dev libboost-thread-dev libminiupnpc-dev libzmq3-dev

# Clone the latest release
git clone -b v0.20.1

# Enter the cloned repo dir
cd bitcoin/

# Configure and install with disabled GUI and wallet.
./configure CXXFLAGS="--param ggc-min-expand=1 --param ggc-min-heapsize=32768" --enable-cxx --with-zmq --without-gui --disable-shared --with-pic --disable-tests --disable-bench --enable-upnp-default --disable-wallet

# This may take a while
sudo make install
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