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@alexbowe alexbowe/funky_typedef.c
Last active Dec 20, 2015

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C function pointer typedef example (for nicer variable declarations).
I have read a bunch of posts about function pointers,
such as
but I rarely see this *one weird trick*.
It is C's (admittedly clunky) syntax for typedefing a function pointer of a given signiature.
Hide the clunkiness in the typedef to keep your code tidy and maintainable.
#include <stdio.h>
/* Syntax: typedef return_type (*name_of_typedef) (parameter_types) */
typedef void (*foo_fun) (int);
/* Here is a function with the same calling signature as a foo_fun we typedefed: */
void foo(int i) {
printf("hello %dth cruel world\n", i);
int main() {
/* The following line would otherwise be: void (*foo_fun)(int) my_foo = foo; */
foo_fun my_foo = foo;

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tseemann commented Aug 5, 2013

This takes me back down memory lane to 1994 :-)


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alexbowe commented Aug 13, 2013

@tseemann Haha :D I didn't know much C back then (actually, none). My brothers showed me this in my first year of uni ^^

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