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AWS Config Custom Rule - AWS Lambda
const aws = require('aws-sdk');
const utility = require('./utility');
const config = new aws.ConfigService();
* In this example, the resource is compliant if it is an instance and its type matches the type specified as the desired type.
* If the resource is not an instance, then this resource is not applicable.
function evaluateChangeNotificationCompliance(configurationItem, ruleParameters) {
if (configurationItem.resourceType !== 'AWS::EC2::Instance') {
return 'NOT_APPLICABLE'; // skip
} else if (ruleParameters.desiredInstanceType === configurationItem.configuration.instanceType) {
return 'COMPLIANT'; // OK
return 'NON_COMPLIANT'; // KO
* Receives the event and context from AWS Lambda.
exports.handler = async (event, context, callback) => {
const invokingEvent = JSON.parse(event.invokingEvent);
const ruleParameters = JSON.parse(event.ruleParameters);
const configurationItem = await utility.getConfigurationItem(invokingEvent);
let compliance = 'NOT_APPLICABLE';
if (utility.isApplicable(configurationItem, event)) {
// Invoke the compliance checking function.
compliance = evaluateChangeNotificationCompliance(configurationItem, ruleParameters);
// Initializes the request that contains the evaluation results.
const putEvaluationsRequest = {
ResultToken: event.resultToken,
Evaluations: [
ComplianceResourceType: configurationItem.resourceType,
ComplianceResourceId: configurationItem.resourceId,
ComplianceType: compliance,
OrderingTimestamp: configurationItem.configurationItemCaptureTime,
// Sends the evaluation results to AWS Config.
return await config.putEvaluations(putEvaluationsRequest).promise();
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