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class SomeViewController: UIViewController {
private typealias My = SomeViewController
private let videoPlayer: AVPlayer
private let videoPlayerLayer: AVPlayerLayer
override init(nibName: String?, bundle nibBundle: NSBundle?) {
(videoPlayer, videoPlayerLayer) = My.commonInit()
super.init(nibName: nibName, bundle: nibBundle)
required init?(coder decoder: NSCoder) {
(videoPlayer, videoPlayerLayer) = My.commonInit()
super.init(coder: decoder)
private static func commonInit() -> (AVPlayer, AVPlayerLayer) {
let player = AVPlayer(URL: NSURL(fileReferenceLiteral: ""))
let layer = AVPlayerLayer(player: player)
return (player,layer)

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@ghost ghost commented Jan 15, 2019

Awesome! Thanks!

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