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Install Firefox with Global Menu patches on Ubuntu derived Linux distributions.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This script requires Bash, curl, wget and pup. You can find the latter here:
# Copyright 2021 Alex DeLorenzo. License: AGPLv3
# Usage:
# $ ./ amd64
export ARCH="${1:-amd64}"
export URL="$ARCH/firefox/download"
export DEB_PATH="div#content > ul > li > a attr{href}"
export deb_url=$(curl -s "$URL" | pup "$DEB_PATH")
export deb_file=$(basename "$deb_url")
# download if file does not exist
if ! test -e "$deb_file"; then
printf "Downloading $deb_url\n"
wget "$deb_url"
# get current and downloaded firefox versions
export curr_ver=$(apt show firefox | grep Version | col2 | cut -d- -f1)
export download_ver=$(dpkg -I "$deb_file" | grep Version | col2 | cut -d- -f1)
printf "Installed: $curr_ver\n"
printf "Downloaded: $download_ver\n"
# check if installed version is different from downloaded version
if test "$curr_ver" != "$download_ver"; then
# install
sudo apt install ./"$deb_file"
# hold version
sudo apt-mark hold firefox
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