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alexellis /
Last active March 3, 2024 21:12
Metering for GitHub Actions

Running vmmeter outside of GitHub Actions

Download arkade, then crane:

curl | sudo sh
sudo -E arkade oci install --path /usr/local/bin/

Start the vmmeter in the background:

alexellis / main.go
Created March 7, 2023 18:35
Detail GitHub App Installations
package main
import (
alexellis /
Last active July 31, 2023 10:51
Equinix Metal is my computer

From my blog post: The Internet is my computer

Equinix Metal is my computer

Run hosted VSCode on Equinix Metal's huge: AMD Epyc instances with 64GB RAM and 24 Cores, coupled with a bonded 2 x 10 Gbps uplink to the Internet.

Hosted VSCode

  • Provision your Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server using the dashboard and add your SSH key
  • Once you have the public IP, log in over SSH
alexellis /
Created March 14, 2021 18:57 — forked from slp/
Installing OpenFaaS with libkrun-based isolation on Fedora 33

Installing OpenFaaS with libkrun-based isolation on Fedora 33

Setting up the system

Revert to cgroup v1

The version of containerd that OpenFaaS will download during the installation doesn't support cgroup v2, so we need to configure systemd to avoid using the Unified cgroup Hierarchy, and reboot the system:

alexellis /
Last active February 16, 2021 14:52
Live show notes - “Is Kubernetes right for us?”
alexellis /
Last active April 1, 2021 09:31 — forked from ppouliot/
Script to set the fan speed on Ampere server
#! /bin/sh
# Alex Ellis 18th Nov 2020
# Updated for the 1U unit, which has 7 fans
logo () {
echo ""
echo " ▄██▄"
echo " ▄█ █▄"
echo " ▄█ █▄"
alexellis /
Last active September 4, 2022 10:27
Multi-master / HA k3s for my Raspberry Pi cluster
set -e
echo Installing Server 1
k3sup install --user pi --ip \
--k3s-channel $CH \
--cluster \
alexellis / inletsctl-role.json
Last active October 4, 2020 16:42
IAM Role for AWS EC2 for inletsctl/inlets-operator
"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Sid": "VisualEditor0",
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": [
alexellis / gist:04d39e5474650aab217f7f8ed0008e5a
Created September 4, 2020 15:21
k3sup on EC2 with cloud-init
Add this to your user-data field in the EC2 console
It creates a new user i.e. "alex" with the SSH key specified.
Then: `k3sup install --ip $IP --user alex`
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="//"
MIME-Version: 1.0
alexellis /
Created September 1, 2020 13:44
Pair of Python3 programs to control an LED and sense the environment using the Pimoroni Blinkt and Envirophat
from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)
import sys
import blinkt
def print_color(r,g,b):
print('Setting Blinkt to {r},{g},{b}'.format(r=r, g=g, b=b))