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using System.Text.Json.Serialization;
using RestSharp.Authenticators;
namespace RestSharp.Tests.External.Twitter;
public interface ITwitterClient {
Task<TwitterUser> GetUser(string user);
public class TwitterClient : ITwitterClient, IDisposable {
readonly RestClient _client;
public TwitterClient(string apiKey, string apiKeySecret) {
var options = new RestClientOptions("");
_client = new RestClient(options) {
Authenticator = new TwitterAuthenticator("", apiKey, apiKeySecret)
public async Task<TwitterUser> GetUser(string user) {
var response = await _client.GetJsonAsync<TwitterSingleObject<TwitterUser>>(
new { user }
return response!.Data;
record TwitterSingleObject<T>(T Data);
public void Dispose() {
public class TwitterAuthenticator : AuthenticatorBase {
readonly string _baseUrl;
readonly string _clientId;
readonly string _clientSecret;
public TwitterAuthenticator(string baseUrl, string clientId, string clientSecret) : base("") {
_baseUrl = baseUrl;
_clientId = clientId;
_clientSecret = clientSecret;
protected override async ValueTask<Parameter> GetAuthenticationParameter(string accessToken) {
var token = string.IsNullOrEmpty(Token) ? await GetToken() : Token;
return new HeaderParameter(KnownHeaders.Authorization, token);
async Task<string> GetToken() {
var options = new RestClientOptions(_baseUrl);
using var client = new RestClient(options) {
Authenticator = new HttpBasicAuthenticator(_clientId, _clientSecret),
var request = new RestRequest("oauth2/token")
.AddParameter("grant_type", "client_credentials");
var response = await client.PostAsync<TokenResponse>(request);
return $"{response!.TokenType} {response!.AccessToken}";
record TokenResponse {
public string TokenType { get; init; }
public string AccessToken { get; init; }
public record TwitterUser(string Id, string Name, string Username);
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Cool! Thanks @vanderlei-dev

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keyse commented May 9, 2023

v107 documentation is not correct.
_client = new RestClient(options)
Authenticator = new TwitterAuthenticator("", apiKey, apiKeySecret)

The above code will NOT compile because Authenticator is getter and can not be set.

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I appreciate the report, but it would've been better to open an issue in the RestSharp repository rather than commenting on my old gist.

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