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Automatic text color selection using relative luminance.
public class ColorUtils {
private static final double LM_RED_COEFFICIENT = 0.2126;
private static final double LM_GREEN_COEFFICIENT = 0.7152;
private static final double LM_BLUE_COEFFICIENT = 0.0722;
public static int calculateRelativeLuminance(int color) {
int red = (int) ( * LM_RED_COEFFICIENT);
int green = (int) ( * LM_GREEN_COEFFICIENT);
int blue = (int) ( * LM_BLUE_COEFFICIENT);
return red + green + blue;
Resources res = getResources();
int light = res.getColorStateList(R.color.primary_text_holo_light);
int dark = res.getColorStateList(R.color.primary_text_holo_dark);
double luminance = ColorUtils.calculateRelativeLuminance(myColor)/255.0;
if (luminance > 0.60) {
} else {
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tasomaniac commented Jun 16, 2014

You can also write a Utility function to do this or a CustomTextView that automatically change its color based on relativeLuminance. That would be cool.

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vimalrajpara2006 commented Jun 24, 2014

It seems foolish question but can you pls eloborate.

1 R.color.primary_text_holo_light & R.color.primary_text_holo_dark will remain static ?
2 In myColor variable we need to pass int type color but is it from res directory ?
3 Is there any relation between R.color.primary_text_holo_light, R.color.primary_text_holo_dark & myColor ?

An example will be helpful for more understanding :)

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Sottti commented Jul 4, 2014

Interesting. I guess this has sense in scenarios where the background color is dynamic.

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