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Last active March 28, 2023 17:13
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Latest stable rust as a MSRV policy

Latest stable rust as a minimum

Minimum supported rust version (MSRV) policy that indicates the most recent stable rust release is the minimum whenever a new crate version is published. It is not required to bump a crate's major version after a new stable compiler is released.

For example crate_foo version 0.1.2 published on 2018-12-28 has MSRV 1.31.1 as this compiler was published on 2018-12-20.

The advantages of this approach is simplicity in maintaining a crate's code.

Workarounds for older compiler versions

If you are unable to update your compiler, you may be unable to update crate dependencies following this policy.

Dependencies can be pinned to a version as old as your compiler, e.g. =0.1.2. Lockfiles may be updated with cargo update -p crate_foo --precise 0.1.2 where version 0.1.2 is old enough to ensure compatibility.

Related discussions/prs

Hopefully better tools to deal with MSRV will become available, as there is not general agreement about how handle this issue currently.

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