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Making things for the web
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Tips On Better FOSS Workflow

Tips On Better FOSS Workflow

  1. Product can't be the best for everyone. Focus on people who actually use it and make the best software for them. Make the best software for yourself, use it each day.
  2. Do not be afraid to decentralize power and give responsibility to other people. If you notice that someone is taking initiative reward him with - responsibility. Delegate and give people responsibility. Allow people to express themselves.
  3. Grow organically and grow slow. Release often, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Ask for forgiveness not for permission. Don't know to code? There are tons of other things you can do from just using software to translating or writing docs.
  4. When people contribute to the product, because of that culture, they feel like they're on a mission from God, changing the world. While that's great, such energy needs to be channeled to specific goals. Otherwise, it gets chaotic.
  5. That's where you need to come in. Schedule calls with people, listen and help them find their passio