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Created May 23, 2016 18:56
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Core hook of the Facebook Sixth Sense Chrome extension
function getUserId(fbid) {
return fbid.split(':')[1];
['MercuryTypingReceiver', 'MercuryThreads', 'ShortProfiles'],
(MercuryTypingReceiver, MercuryThreads, ShortProfiles) => {
.addRetroactiveListener('state-changed', onStateChanged);
// Called every time a user starts or stops typing in a thread
function onStateChanged(state) {
// State is a dictionary that maps thread ids to the list of the
// currently typing users ids'
const threadIds = Object.keys(state);
// Walk through all threads in order to retrieve a list of all
// user ids
const userIds = threadIds.reduce(
(res, threadId) => res.concat(state[threadId].map(getUserId)),
MercuryThreads.get().getMultiThreadMeta(threadIds, threads => {
ShortProfiles.getMulti(userIds, users => {
// Now that we've retrieved all the information we need
// about the threads and the users, we send it to the
// Chrome application to process and display it to the user.
type: 'update',
}, '*');
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