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Last active Aug 29, 2015
Thoughts on Software Development

Agile is not a methodology or process, it is a set of principles published in The Agile Manifesto.

  • Communication and roles are more important than process. Process should be organic and what most efficiently implements agile principles.

  • Communicating with your team should not occur at timeboxed intervals every day. Scrum should be 24/7. Communication should happen immediately as needs arise.

  • Teams coordinate themselves. Team leads coordinate between teams.

  • Teams should work on one thing at a time until completion. Completion should be excellence.

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Last active Aug 3, 2018
Beyond Angular and Backbone with Undirectional apps
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Beyond Angular and Backbone with Unidirectional apps

What is a unidirectional app?

Unidirectional is a term coined by React engineers to describe the data flow of an application. Unidirectional apps employ functional reactive programming techniques such as immutability, purity, and most importantly unidirectional (as opposed to bidirectional) data flow.

A unidirectional app is defined by no mutable references no two-way references between concerns.

Unidirectional app flowchart