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// RouteFinder.m
// Lasso
#import "RouteFinder.h"
#import "GoogleDirectionProvider.h"
@interface RouteFinder ()
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<p> P.S. Please stop it with voting for Trump. It was funny for a little while. But the guy is Hitler. And by that I mean that we are being Germany in the 30s. Do you think they saw the shit coming? Hitler was just some hilarious and refreshing
dude with a weird comb over who would say anything at all.</p>
<p> And I&#039;m not advocating for Hillary or Bernie. I like them both but frankly I wish the next president was a conservative only because we had Obama for eight years and we need balance. And not because I particularly enjoy the conservative
agenda. I just think the government should reflect the people. And we are about 40 percent conservative and 40 percent liberal. When I was growing up and when I was a younger man, liberals and conservatives were friends with differences.
They weren’t enemies. And it always made sense that everyone gets a president they like for a while and then hates the president for a while. But it only
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* jQuery UI Touch Punch 0.2.3
* Copyright 2011–2014, Dave Furfero
* Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
* Depends:
* jquery.ui.widget.js
* jquery.ui.mouse.js
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Sep 8 20:02:00 Alexs-iPhone assistant_service[2281] <Warning>: the local store doesn't allow tasks and we have no default calendar :(
Sep 8 20:02:00 Alexs-iPhone kernel[0] <Notice>: 220212.304196 wlan0.A[19158] AppleBCMWLANConfigManager::configureRoamingProfile(): Received new roaming profile 3 (was 3, flag=0x1)
Sep 8 20:02:05 Alexs-iPhone kernel[0] <Notice>: 220217.315151 wlan0.A[19159] AppleBCMWLANConfigManager::configureRoamingProfile(): Received new roaming profile 3 (was 3, flag=0x0)
Sep 8 20:02:08 Alexs-iPhone locationd[1651] <Notice>: Gesture EnabledForTopCLient: 0, EnabledInDaemonSettings: 0
Sep 8 20:02:15 Alexs-iPhone kernel[0] <Notice>: 220227.336830 wlan0.A[19160] AppleBCMWLANCore::dumpWmeCounters(): per AC tx counters: 444553 106862 73742 57414, rx counters: 992445 0 0 0
Sep 8 20:02:15 Alexs-iPhone kernel[0] <Notice>: 220227.336863 wlan0.A[19161] AppleBCMWLANCore::dumpWmeCounters(): AWDL: Tx 138 0 0 0 Rx: 11 0 0 0
Sep 8 20:02:15 Alexs-iPhone iap2d[1613] <Warning>: IAP
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* typeahead.js 0.11.1
* Copyright 2013-2015 Twitter, Inc. and other contributors; Licensed MIT
(function(root, factory) {
if (typeof define === "function" && define.amd) {
define("bloodhound", [ "jquery" ], function(a0) {
return root["Bloodhound"] = factory(a0);
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/*global define:false require:false */
(function (name, context, definition) {
if (typeof module != 'undefined' && module.exports) module.exports = definition();
else if (typeof define == 'function' && define.amd) define(definition);
else context[name] = definition();
})('jquery-scrollto', this, function(){
// Prepare
var jQuery, $, ScrollTo;
jQuery = $ = window.jQuery || require('jquery');
View grid.css{font-family:"/5.2.2/"}{font-family:"/only screen/";width:0em}{font-family:"/only screen and (min-width:40.063em)/";width:40.063em}{font-family:"/only screen and (min-width:64.063em)/";width:64.063em}{font-family:"/only screen and (min-width:90.063em)/";width:90.063em}{font-family:"/only screen and (min-width:120.063em)/";width:120.063em}{font-family:false}html,body{height:100%}*,*:before,*:after{-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;-moz-box-sizing:border-box;box-sizing:border-box}html,body{font-size:100%}body{background:#fff;color:#222;padding:0;margin:0;font-family:"Helvetica Neue","Helvetica",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;line-height:1;position:relative;cursor:default}a:hover{cursor:pointer}img{max-width:100%;height:auto}img{-ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic}#map_canvas img,#map_canvas embed,#map_ca
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.global-nav-inner{background:#222}.wrapper,.wrapper-narrow{padding:76px 23px 15px}.content-main{width:580px}.module{padding-bottom:10px}