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智付通付款 payload 加密
require 'digest/sha2'
require 'base64'
require 'mcrypt' # 需要 php5-mcrypt libmcrypt-dev libmcrypt
class EncryptionService
prepend SimpleCommand # 可在 rails controller 簡單呼叫這個 library 的 plugin
def initialize(payload) # 將前台的動態資訊組好後丟進來
@payload = payload
def call
trade_info = encrypt_trade_info()
"trade_info": trade_info,
"trade_sha": trade_sha(trade_info)
# This is the payload generated from controller as it will come from json post of
# shopping cart page
attr_accessor :payload
# 拿智付通的 key & iv 來加密要付款的內容。
def encrypt_trade_info()
key = Settings.payment.spgateway.key
iv = Settings.payment.spgateway.iv
merchantid = Settings.payment.spgateway.merchant_id
# controller 上蒐集到的付款資訊與金額等將會與下面的 hash 整合成一整個 payload
# 以下可以放在設定檔就放設定檔,但依照智付通的文件好像版本跟語系等等不太需要改(?)
@payload = @payload.merge({
'MerchantID': merchantid,
'Version': '1.4',
'RespondType': 'JSON',
'LangType': 'zh-tw',
'TradeLimit': '900',
'ExpireDate': '',
'ReturnURL': Settings.payment.spgateway.return_url,         # 設定付款完後要把使用者導到哪頁 i.e.
'NotifyURL': Settings.payment.spgateway.notify_url,         # 設定付款之後背景呼叫完整付款資訊的 end point, i.e.
'CustomerURL': Settings.payment.spgateway.customer_url, # 商店取號網址, 這個我沒用到..直接顯示取號在付款頁面
'ClientBackURL': Settings.payment.spgateway.client_back_url,
'EmailModify': Settings.payment.spgateway.email_modify,
'LoginType': Settings.payment.spgateway.login_type,
# payment methods
'CREDIT':, # 設定是否啟用信用卡一次付清支付方式。
'InstFlag': Settings.payment.spgateway.opt.inst_flag, # 此欄位值=1 時,即代表開啟所有分期期 別,且不可帶入其他期別參數。
'CreditRed': Settings.payment.spgateway.opt.credit_red, # 設定是否啟用信用卡紅利支付方式。
'UNIONPAY': Settings.payment.spgateway.opt.unionpay, # 設定是否啟用銀聯卡支付方式。
'WEBATM': Settings.payment.spgateway.opt.webatm,
'VACC': Settings.payment.spgateway.opt.vacc,
'CVS': Settings.payment.spgateway.opt.cvs,
'BARCODE': Settings.payment.spgateway.opt.barcode
# 這個涵式是這邊抄來的:
payload_str = Common::hash_to_querystring(@payload)
# 加密 payload
crypto =, :cbc, key, iv, :pkcs)
ciphertext = crypto.encrypt(payload_str)
def trade_sha(tradeInfo)
key = Settings.payment.spgateway.key
iv = Settings.payment.spgateway.iv
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