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import sqlalchemy as db
import pandas as pd
from typing import Optional, Dict
def create_upsert_method(meta: db.MetaData, extra_update_fields: Optional[Dict[str, str]]):
Create upsert method that satisfied the pandas's to_sql API.
def method(table, conn, keys, data_iter):
# select table that data is being inserted to (from pandas's context)
sql_table = db.Table(, meta, autoload=True)
# list of dictionaries {col_name: value} of data to insert
values_to_insert = [dict(zip(keys, data)) for data in data_iter]
# create insert statement using postgresql dialect.
# For other dialects, please refer to
insert_stmt = db.dialects.postgresql.insert(sql_table, values_to_insert)
# create update statement for excluded fields on conflict
update_stmt = {exc_k.key: exc_k for exc_k in insert_stmt.excluded}
if extra_update_fields:
# create upsert statement.
upsert_stmt = insert_stmt.on_conflict_do_update(
index_elements=sql_table.primary_key.columns, # index elements are primary keys of a table
set_=update_stmt # the SET part of an INSERT statement
# execute upsert statement
return method
# create postgres db engine
db_engine = db.create_engine(f"postgresql://{user}:{password}@{host}:5432/{database}")
df = pd.DataFrame({
'id': [10, 20],
'updated_at': [pd.to_datetime(1490195805, unit='s'), pd.to_datetime(1490205805, unit='s')]
# create DB metadata object that can access table names, primary keys, etc.
meta = db.MetaData(db_engine)
# dictionary which will add additional changes on update statement. I.e. all the columns which are not present in DataFrame,
# but needed to be updated regardless. The common example is `updated_at`. This column can be updated right on SQL server, instead of in pandas DataFrame
extra_update_fields = {"updated_at": "NOW()"}
# create upsert method that is accepted by pandas API
upsert_method = create_upsert_method(meta, extra_update_fields)
# perform upsert of df DataFrame values to a table `table_name` and Postgres connection defined at `db_engine`
chunksize=200, # it's recommended to insert data in chunks
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