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A Flask application configured to accept Shibboleth SSO headers to authenticate users.
from datetime import datetime
from flask import Flask, session, redirect
from flask_sso import SSO
def get_user_session_info(key):
return session['user'].get(
'Key `{0}` not found in user session info'.format(key)
def get_user_details(fields):
defs = [
'<dt>{0}</dt><dd>{1}</dd>'.format(f, get_user_session_info(f))
for f in fields
return '<dl>{0}</dl>'.format(''.join(defs))
def create_app():
app = Flask('SSOTutorial')
# Add a secret key for encrypting session information
app.secret_key = 'cH\xc5\xd9\xd2\xc4,^\x8c\x9f3S\x94Y\xe5\xc7!\x06>A'
# Map SSO attributes from ADFS to session keys under session['user']
'ADFS_LOGIN': (True, 'username'),
'ADFS_FULLNAME': (True, 'fullname'),
'ADFS_PERSONID': (True, 'personid'),
'ADFS_DEPARTMENT': (True, 'department'),
'ADFS_EMAIL': (True, 'email')
# There are other attributes available
# Inspect the argument passed to the login_handler to see more
# 'ADFS_AUTHLEVEL': (False, 'authlevel'),
# 'ADFS_GROUP': (True, 'group'),
# 'ADFS_ROLE': (False, 'role'),
# 'ADFS_IDENTITYCLASS': (False, 'external'),
# 'HTTP_SHIB_AUTHENTICATION_METHOD': (False, 'authmethod'),
app.config.setdefault('SSO_ATTRIBUTE_MAP', SSO_ATTRIBUTE_MAP)
app.config.setdefault('SSO_LOGIN_URL', '/login')
# This attaches the *flask_sso* login handler to the SSO_LOGIN_URL,
# which essentially maps the SSO attributes to a dictionary and
# calls *our* login_handler, passing the attribute dictionary
ext = SSO(app=app)
def login(user_info):
session['user'] = user_info
return redirect('/')
def logout():
return redirect('/')
def index():
time =
timestr = '{0:02d}:{1:02d}:{2:02d}'.format(
time.hour, time.minute, time.second
headings = '<h1>Hello, World!</h1><h2>Server time: {0}</h2>'.format(
if 'user' in session:
details = get_user_details([
button = (
'<form action="/logout" method="get">'
'<input type="submit" value="Log out">'
details = ''
button = (
'<form action="/login" method="get">'
'<input type="submit" value="Log in">'
return headings + details + button
return app
def wsgi(*args, **kwargs):
return create_app()(*args, **kwargs)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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