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Created November 9, 2013 22:48
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Script to turn a bunch of ping logs into a CSV.
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os, sys, glob, re, time, datetime, pytz
rtt_regex = re.compile("rtt min/avg/max/mdev = ([0-9.]+)/([0-9.]+)/([0-9.]+)/([0-9.]+) ms")
loss_regex = re.compile("[0-9]+ packets transmitted, [0-9]+ received, ([0-9.]+)% packet loss, time [0-9]+ms")
ping_line_regex = re.compile(
"([0-9]+) bytes from .*? \(([0-9.]+)\): " +
"icmp_req=[0-9]+ ttl=[0-9]+ time=([0-9.]+) ms")
LOSS_KEY = 'l'
RTT_KEY = 'r'
MIN = 'm'
MAX = 'M'
AVG = 'a'
STD_DEV = 'd'
PACIFIC_TIME = pytz.timezone('America/Los_Angeles')
def localize_time(date_string, fmt):
return PACIFIC_TIME.localize(
datetime.datetime(*(time.strptime(date_string, fmt)[0:6])),
START_TIME = localize_time(
"2013-04-17-00:00:00-PDT", "%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S-%Z")
END_TIME = localize_time(
"2013-08-17-23:59:59-PDT", "%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S-%Z")
def parse_file(filename):
datum = []
measurement_time = localize_time(filename, '%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S-%Z.txt')
if measurement_time < START_TIME or measurement_time > END_TIME:
return None
# Record measurement in a compressed format that will make it faster to
# parse
with open(filename, 'r') as fp:
lines = map(lambda x: x.strip(), fp.readlines())
packet_loss_percent = None
for line in lines:
rtt_match = rtt_regex.match(line)
if rtt_match is not None:
# RTT measurements
datum.extend([float( for x in xrange(1,5)])
loss_match = loss_regex.match(line)
# packet loss
if loss_match is not None:
packet_loss_percent = float(
if packet_loss_percent is None:
return None
if packet_loss_percent == 100:
assert len(datum) == 1
assert len(datum) == 6
return datum
data = []
ping_logs = sorted(glob.glob('*.txt'))
with open('ping_logs.csv', 'w') as fp:
print >>fp, 'date,min_rtt,avg_rtt,max_rtt,mdev_rtt,packet_loss_percent'
for filename in ping_logs:
parsed_datum = parse_file(filename)
if parsed_datum is not None:
print >>fp, ','.join(map(str, parsed_datum))
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