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Grab the latest version number of a plugin from the Wordpress plugin API.
# Alex Rydzak - <>
# import necessary libraries
import requests
# set plugin name (usually something-something- no extension on the end)
plugin = "akismet"
# hit the Wordpress plugin information API for our plugin
wpquery = "" % (plugin)
result = requests.get(wpquery)
# if the query was sucessful...
if str("200") in str(result):
print "[*] Request to Wordpress API worked..."
# grab the first line of the result from the query
grabfirst = result.content.splitlines()[0]
# split the returned string on the " character
grabcell = grabfirst.split('"')
# print the plugin version
print "[*] Latest plugin version for %s: %s" % (plugin,grabcell[13])
print "[*] Something bad happened. Maybe you didn't spell the plugin name right?"
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