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Ad-free Twitter

Inject this css snippet to remove all ads from your Twitter timeline.

div[data-testid="placementTracking"]:has(path[d="M19.498 3h-15c-1.381 0-2.5 1.12-2.5 2.5v13c0 1.38 1.119 2.5 2.5 2.5h15c1.381 0 2.5-1.12 2.5-2.5v-13c0-1.38-1.119-2.5-2.5-2.5zm-3.502 12h-2v-3.59l-5.293 5.3-1.414-1.42L12.581 10H8.996V8h7v7z"]) {
  display: none;
mjackson /
Last active June 21, 2024 01:54
Notes on route composition in React Router v6, along with a suggested improvement you can make today to start upgrading

Composing <Route> in React Router v6

Composition of <Route> elements in React Router is changing in v6 from how it worked in v4/5 and in Reach Router. React Router v6 is the successor of both React Router v5 and Reach Router.

This document explains our rationale for making the change as well as a pattern you will want to avoid in v6 and a note on how you can start preparing your v5 app for v6 today.


In React Router v5, we had an example of how you could create a element]( to restrict access to certain routes on the page. This element was a simple [wrapper around an actual element that made a simple decision: is the user authenticated or not? If so, ren

gidoBOSSftw5731 /
Last active June 10, 2024 18:23
Block annoying Youtube elements with ublock origin/adblock plus compatible filters

These are fairly experimental and may affect performance or stop working at any time. Feel free to comment if you have any better implementations, I tried to be both as specific as possible and follow reccomendation from the documentation, though I am just a guy.

The files are (at time of writing) are .ubo files (for UBlock Origin) though I dont believe this is an official file name.

All these were testing using AdNauseum, a skin of UBlock Origin.

Instructions on how to use these located here: (the particular tab may be called "your filters" or "my filters")

I am not directly affiliated with UBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, Youtube, nor their developers.