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"I feel like I belong on this team."
"On this team, I can voice a contrary opinion without fear of negative consequences."
"On this team, perspectives like mine are included in decision making."
"On this team, administrative or clerical tasks that don’t have a specific owner are fairly divided."
"People on this team accept others who are different."
"It is easy to ask other members of this team for help."
"On this team, messengers are not punished when they deliver news of failures or other bad news."
"On this team, responsibilities are shared."
"On this team, cross-functional collaboration is encouraged and rewarded."
"On this team, failure causes inquiry."
"On this team, new ideas are welcomed."
"On this team, failures are treated primarily as opportunities to improve the system."
"I identify as a member of an under-represented demographic in technology."
"I feel I am growing as an engineer."
"I feel I am treated fairly."
"When I provide feedback to the organization (18F), it is genuinely taken into consideration."
"When I provide feedback to the organization (TTS and above), it is genuinely taken into consideration."
"I am satisfied with my work."
"I am motivated to do my work."
"I am satisfied with the feedback I have received throughout this year."
"Are there any additional thoughts or feedback you would like to share?"

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@lynoure lynoure commented Aug 17, 2020

"On this team, failure causes inquiry." seems a bit ambiguous to me, as there can be inquiry to "who did it" or inquiry to find the root cause, and those are very different cultures.

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