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This is section 1. [[Next]](section2)
{some shared text}
This is section 2. [Some passage]
[Some passage]:
{some shared text}
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@set score=0
Choose an answer:
[The right answer](right)
[The wrong anser](wrong)
@inc score
squiffy.story.go ("next")
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$(document).on("click", "#enter-name", function () {
<button id="enter-name">Enter name</button>
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@set a=2
Try two variables the [same](next, b=2) or [different](next, b=3).
set("same", get("a") == get("b"));
a = {a}, b = {b}, same = {same}.
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Increase by [one], increase by [ten], see the [[result]].
@inc value
Value is {value}.
set ("value", get("value") + 10);
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var randomnumber = function rng(min, max) {
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min) + min);
set ("mynumber", randomnumber(1,6));
Generated {mynumber}.
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Squiffy is a tool for creating interactive stories. This is sample is stored in a GitHub Gist.
You write your story in a text file. Each choice is represented by a [[new section]]. You can create links to new sections by surrounding them in double square brackets.
[[new section]]:
In addition to sections, Squiffy has the concept of passages. These are sections of text that don't advance the story. For example, you can click this [passage link], and this [other passage link], but the story won't advance until you click this [[section link]].
[passage link]:
alexwarren / qktest.yaml
Last active Aug 29, 2015
QuestKit test
View qktest.yaml
title: QuestKit demo via GitHub Gist
location: room
description: This is a simple example of a room in QuestKit, and it was delivered via a Gist.
south: another room
object: book
look: This is an object. You can pick me up and drop me somewhere else.