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# Adapted from tutorial code at
import time
import uuid
import random
import Adafruit_BluefruitLE
DEVICE_NAME = "Gas Monitor"
# Define service and characteristic UUIDs used by the peripheral.
SERVICE_UUID = uuid.UUID('0000FFE0-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB')
#TX_CHAR_UUID = uuid.UUID('00002222-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB')
RX_CHAR_UUID = uuid.UUID('0000FFE4-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB')
# Get the BLE provider for the current platform.
ble = Adafruit_BluefruitLE.get_provider()
def scan_for_peripheral(adapter):
"""Scan for BLE peripheral and return device if found"""
print(' Searching for device...')
# Scan for the peripheral (will time out after 60 seconds
# but you can specify an optional timeout_sec parameter to change it).
device = ble.find_device(name=DEVICE_NAME)
if device is None:
raise RuntimeError('Failed to find device!')
return device
# Make sure scanning is stopped before exiting.
def sleep_random(min_ms=1, max_ms=1000):
"""Add a random sleep interval between 1ms to 1000ms"""
duration_sec = random.randrange(min_ms, max_ms)/1000
print(' Sleeping for ' + str(duration_sec) + 'sec')
def main():
"""Main loop to process BLE events"""
test_iteration = 0
echo_mismatch_count = 0
misc_error_count = 0
# Clear any cached data because both BlueZ and CoreBluetooth have issues with
# caching data and it going stale.
# Get the first available BLE network adapter and make sure it's powered on.
adapter = ble.get_default_adapter()
print('Using adapter: {0}'.format(
# This loop contains the main logic for testing the BLE peripheral.
# We scan and connect to the peripheral, discover services,
# read/write to characteristics, and keep track of errors.
# This test repeats 10 times.
while test_iteration < 10:
connected_to_peripheral = False
while not connected_to_peripheral:
peripheral = scan_for_peripheral(adapter)
connected_to_peripheral = True
test_iteration += 1
print('-- Test iteration #{} --'.format(test_iteration))
except BaseException as e:
print("Connection failed: " + str(e))
print(' Discovering services and characteristics...')[SERVICE_UUID], [RX_CHAR_UUID])
# Find the service and its characteristics
service = peripheral.find_service(SERVICE_UUID)
#tx = service.find_characteristic(TX_CHAR_UUID)
rx = service.find_characteristic(RX_CHAR_UUID)
# Randomize the intervals between different operations
# to simulate user-triggered BLE actions.
# sleep_random(1, 1000)
# Write random value to characteristic.
# write_val = bytearray([random.randint(1, 255)])
# print(' Writing ' + str(write_val) + ' to the write char')
# tx.write_value(write_val)
# sleep_random(1, 1000)
# Function to receive RX characteristic changes. Note that this will
# be called on a different thread so be careful to make sure state that
# the function changes is thread safe. Use queue or other thread-safe
# primitives to send data to other threads.
def received(data):
print('Received: {0}'.format(data.hex()))
firstSection = int(data.hex()[0:4],16)
secondSection = int(data.hex()[4:8],16)
thirdSection = int(data.hex()[8:10],16)
fourthSection = int(data.hex()[10:],16)
print('{0} {1} {2} {3}'.format(firstSection, secondSection, thirdSection, fourthSection))
#read_val = rx.read_value()
#print(' Read ' + str(read_val) + ' from the read char')
# if write_val != read_val:
# echo_mismatch_count = echo_mismatch_count + 1
# print(' Read value does not match value written')
# sleep_random(1, 1000)
except BaseException as e:
misc_error_count = misc_error_count + 1
print('Unexpected error: ' + str(e))
print('Current error count: ' + str(misc_error_count))
# Disconnect device on exit.
print('\nConnection count: ' + str(test_iteration))
print('Echo mismatch count: ' + str(echo_mismatch_count))
print('Misc error count: ' + str(misc_error_count))
# Initialize the BLE system. MUST be called before other BLE calls!
# Start the mainloop to process BLE events, and run the provided function in
# a background thread. When the provided main function stops running, returns
# an integer status code, or throws an error the program will exit.
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