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Created July 9, 2009 11:02
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namespace :tags do
task :generate do
puts 'Generating tags...'
require 'rubygems'
require 'jekyll'
include Jekyll::Filters
options = Jekyll.configuration({})
site =
html =<<-HTML
layout: default
title: Tags
site.categories.sort.each do |category, posts|
html << <<-HTML
<h3 id="#{category}">#{category}</h3>
html << '<ul class="posts">'
posts.each do |post|
post_data = post.to_liquid
html << <<-HTML
<a href="#{post.url}">#{post_data['title']}</a>
html << '</ul>'
end'tags.html', 'w+') do |file|
file.puts html
puts 'Done.'
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@coolja86 - That's fantastic! I had something similar working before I upgraded to Jekyll 0.6.2, but something in one of the intervening versions messed up the site.tags hash. Your hackish array treatment works almost perfectly.

One question… have you figured out a way to sort the tags? I used to be able to use for tags in site.tags|sort and that was it, but it doesn't work anymore. Have you had any luck?


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I tried a few things, but I couldn't get it to work. Any progress?

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After trying to make some Liquid filters, I finally got it to work using a patch to the Jekyll core. If you add elstudio's patch (, it sorts the tags hash using RBTree (you'll have to install that gem). Your tags should be sorted without any modification to your code.

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