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@alfredlucero alfredlucero/wdio.conf.js
Last active Sep 24, 2019

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wdio base config - STUI to Webdriver SG blog
exports.config = {
// This is our base config with which all others should be merged.
// Specify test files, we ended our Webdriver test files with *.uitest.js to not get mixed up with our unit tests
specs: ["./**/*.uitest.js"],
// Patterns to exclude
exclude: [],
// Group tests for a page in a suite for easier running of groups of page tests in CLI
suites: {
page_suite: ["./path/to/page.uitest.js"]
// Commands run in synchronous manner by default
sync: true,
// Number of browser instances to run
maxInstances: 1,
// Capabilities i.e. configuring different types of browser instances
capabilities: [
maxInstances: 1,
browserName: "chrome",
// Save screenshot to a given path if command fails
screenshotPath: "./errorShots/",
// Using Mocha and Mochawesome reporter
reporters: ["mochawesome"],
reporterOptions: {
outputDir: "./reports",
filename: "wdio-results",
mochawesomeOpts: {
includeScreenshots: true,
screenshotUseRelativePath: true,
mochaOpts: {
ui: "bdd",
timeout: 999999,
compilers: ["js:babel-register"]
// Other default configurations already provided from documentation template
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