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Last active Sep 8, 2019
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Power-V: PowerShell scripts for managing Hyper-V virtual machines
function Get-OrphanedVHDs {
$rootedVHDs = (Get-VM).HardDrives.Path + (Get-VM | Get-VMSnapshot).HardDrives.Path
Return Get-ChildItem (Get-VMHost).VirtualHardDiskPath | Where-Object { $_.FullName -notin $rootedVHDs }
function New-VirtualMachine {
# If a switch name hasn't been provided, it'll try to find a default.
if (!$SwitchName) {
$Switches = Get-VMSwitch | Where-Object SwitchType -eq 'External'
#If there's only one switch with external connectivity, that's it.
#Else, a switch name should have been provided.
if ($Switches.Count -eq 1) {
$SwitchName = $Switches.Name
$VHDPath = Join-Path -Path (Get-VMHost).VirtualHardDiskPath -ChildPath ($Name + ".vhdx")
if ($SecureBootTemplate -eq "MicrosoftWindows") {
$null = New-VHD -Path $VHDPath -SizeBytes $VHDSizeBytes
else {
$null = New-VHD -Path $VHDPath -SizeBytes $VHDSizeBytes -BlockSizeBytes 1MB
$VM = New-VM -Name $Name -MemoryStartupBytes $MemoryBytes -Generation 2 -BootDevice VHD -SwitchName $SwitchName -VHDPath $VHDPath
Set-VM $VM -ProcessorCount 2 -MemoryMaximumBytes $MemoryBytes -AutomaticCheckpointsEnabled $false
Add-VMDvdDrive $VM -Path $IsoPath
Set-VMFirmware $VM -BootOrder ((Get-VMFirmware $VM).BootOrder | ? BootType -eq 'Drive')
if ($SecureBootTemplate) {
Set-VMFirmware $VM -SecureBootTemplate $SecureBootTemplate
else {
Set-VMFirmware $VM -EnableSecureBoot Off
Return $VM
function Remove-VirtualMachine {
$vm = Get-VM $VMName
$snapshot = (Get-VMSnapshot $vm | ? ParentSnapshotName -eq $null)
if ($snapshot) {
$vhds = $snapshot.HardDrives.Path
else {
$vhds = $vm.HardDrives.Path
Remove-VM $vm -Force
Remove-Item $vhds
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