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arrays aggregation with null or {} (empty) values
SELECT array_agg(DISTINCT cis.active_cert_record.hash) AS hash,
array_agg(DISTINCT cis.active_cert_record.domain_name) AS domain_name,
array_agg(DISTINCT cis.active_cert_record.protocol_version) AS protocol_version,
FROM cis.active_cert_record
WHERE CAST(md5(cis.active_cert_record.signature) AS UUID) = 'xxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx'
AND cis.active_cert_record.protocol_version <> '{}'
GROUP BY cis.active_cert_record.subject_organization, cis.active_cert_record.subject_organizational_unit,
cis.active_cert_record.subject_common_name, cis.active_cert_record.signature
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