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@alg alg/dets_test.exs
Created Jul 29, 2018

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DETS example
defmodule Server do
use Bitwise
require Record
Record.defrecord :server, id: nil, ip: nil, username: nil, password: nil
def from_id(id) do
ip = "127.#{band(id >>> 16, 0xff)}.#{band(id >>> 8, 0xff)}.#{band(id, 0xff)}"
server(id: id, ip: ip, username: "username_#{band(id, 0xff)}", password: "password")
defmodule DetsTest do
use ExUnit.Case
require Server
@count 1_000_000
test "foo" do
{:ok, db} = :dets.open_file(:foo_db, [{:auto_save, 1000}, {:keypos, Server.server(:id) + 1}, {:file, './foo_db.dets'}])
# Insert records if the count is wrong
if[:size] < @count do
data =, &Server.from_id/1)
:dets.insert(db, data)
# Output dets table info
# Find server with ID=1234
rec = :dets.lookup(db, 1234)
IO.inspect rec
# Find IDs of servers sharing username = "username_210"
# Returns the array of IDs (notice the $1 saying the first field
# should be in the first place of the resulting record)
recs = :dets.match(db, {:server, :"$1", :_, "username_210", :_})
IO.puts "Found #{length(recs)} records"
IO.inspect recs
# Find all records of servers sharing username = "username_210"
# Returns the array of full records
recs = :dets.match_object(db, {:server, :_, :_, "username_210", :_})
# We turn tuples into Elixir records before display this time
IO.puts "Found #{length(recs)} records"
IO.inspect, &(Server.server(&1)))
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