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Created August 29, 2020 20:20
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To use an SFUSD Gmail account to subscribe to a non-SFUSD Google Calendar

Subscribing to a Google Calendar from an SFUSD Google Account

SFUSD Google accounts can only send and receive emails from SFUSD teachers, so they cannot receive calendar invitations from normal gmail accounts, like the gmail accounts of their parents. So you cannot invite them to join a calendar as usual.

Here's a workaround.

In the normal gmail account:

  1. Create the calendar to share from a normal gmail account.
  2. Go to Calendar Settings / General
  3. Find and copy the URL under "Secret address in iCal format"

In the SFUSD gmail account

  1. In Google Calendar, in the left pane, go to Other Calendars / Add
  2. Select From URL
  3. Paste the URL into there.
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