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Created September 9, 2020 20:08
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Plot a confusion matrix in scikitlearn from data not from an estimator
# This uses scikit learn internals, since the sk public API requires you to pass
# in an estimator and sometimes you just want to pass in the some data you'd
# use to calculate a raw CM
def plot_cm(y_true,y_pred,labels):
from sklearn.metrics._plot.confusion_matrix import ConfusionMatrixDisplay
sample_weight = None
normalize = None
include_values = True
ax = None
values_format = None
cm = confusion_matrix(y_true, y_pred, sample_weight=sample_weight,
labels=labels, normalize=normalize)
display_labels = labels
disp = ConfusionMatrixDisplay(confusion_matrix=cm,
return disp.plot(include_values=include_values,
cmap=cmap, ax=ax, xticks_rotation=xticks_rotation,
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