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Last active Jul 24, 2016

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Run PHP script in background
  • Create a daemon configuration script under /etc/init ( NOT /etc/init.d ):-

nano /etc/init/mybot.conf

code sample:

description "MyBot Daemon"
author "alhazmy13"
start on startup
stop on shutdown

exec /usr/share/myScript.php
  • alter your script file myScript.php and add below code at the top of the file:
#!/usr/bin/env php
#bash script
#while true; do ./myScript.php; done
$seconds = 5; $micro = $seconds * 1000000;
  • at end of the file add: usleep($micro);
  • create symbolic link to /usr/share/ ln -s /var/www/html/myScript.php /usr/share
  • after finish all those steps... now you can use " stop mybot | start mybot | status mybot " in terminal.

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abdullascript commented Jul 19, 2016

It would b helpful to automate things like DB or files backup consistently

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