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# stolen from
# and made a lot more robust by me
# this implementation uses erb by default. if you want to use any other template mechanism
# then replace `erb` on line 13 and line 17 with `haml` or whatever
module Sinatra::Partials
def partial(template, *args)
template_array = template.to_s.split('/')
template = template_array[0..-2].join('/') + "/_#{template_array[-1]}"
options = args.last.is_a?(Hash) ? args.pop : {}
options.merge!(:layout => false)
if collection = options.delete(:collection) then
collection.inject([]) do |buffer, member|
buffer << haml(:"#{template}", options.merge(:layout =>
false, :locals => {template_array[-1].to_sym => member}))
haml(:"#{template}", options)

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@aliang aliang commented Aug 4, 2010

haml is a superset of erb, so always use haml

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