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Alice Hsiao

Email: | GitHub: | Portfolio:

Relevant Experience

Tableau (Salesforce) | Seattle, WA (2019-Present)
Senior Software Engineer, Developer Platform Team (Tableau Extensions), 2021-Present

  • Implement and maintain the endpoints for the Tableau Dashboard Extensions API, the Extensions Service, and Sandboxed Extensions
  • Support internal and external customers with bug fixes, feature improvements, and feature additions, e.g. improving dashboard load time by 99x
  • Mentor associate software engineers and new hires on our team, along with Ada Developer Academy interns
  • Assist our sister team, Tableau Embedding, to release their new API by working towards feature and testing parity
  • Lead the Golden Signals monitoring project and the telemetry collection effort for our services, e.g. migrating metrics from New Relic to Opal and Argus, and displaying them in Grafana and Tableau
  • Present demos to the larger organization and to Tableau Community Leaders
  • Serve as scrum master to lead the team through daily standup, sprint planning, grooming, goal-setting, and retrospectives
  • Create and share documentation on tooling and processes to ramp up engineers on the team
  • Collaborate with PM's, managers, and other engineers across teams to share ideas and solve problems together

Software Engineer, Visual Pipeline Team, 2019-2021

  • Implemented features related to Tableau's visual pipeline for both the desktop product and web client by transforming the data, building models, and rendering it to the screen.
  • Wrote high quality code in both C++ and C# backed by testing and a robust code review process
  • Refactored legacy code in our monolith in our move towards more modularized components
  • Ensured the dissemination of team knowledge by pair programming with other software engineers
  • Participated in design discussions, and agile processes like scrum meetings, retrospectives, and sprint planning
  • Lead quality control testing effort before shipping our feature
  • Built the V1 framework for the Tableau Viz Extension, and coordinated with the Dashboard Extensions team to release the createVizImageAsync API endpoint to users

Microsoft | Redmond, WA (2019)
Software Engineering Intern, Edge Browser Experience Team

  • Designed and implemented import functionality to migrate data to the new Edge browser built on Chromium
  • Wrote unit tests for implemented features, debugged Chromium's multi-process architecture with Windbg, fixed bugs related to browser UI.
  • Worked with: C++, ESE Database, Recovery Store

The Northwest School | Seattle, WA (2017-18)
High School Math Teacher

  • Collaborated with other math teachers in weekly department and subject-specific meetings
  • Engaged in and reflected on professional development opportunities regarding race, privilege, and issues revolving around the current climate in the US

Head-Royce School | Oakland, CA (2015-17)
6th Grade Math and Science Teacher

  • Served as an advisor to a group of students to support both their academics and their social/emotional education
  • Implemented a one-to-one iPad program, integrated technology into the curriculum, and taught digital citizenship

Los Altos High School | Hacienda Heights, CA (2010-14)
Math and AVID Teacher, Math for America Fellow

  • Evaluated year-to-year testing data to identify strengths and weaknesses to develop and improve existing curriculum which resulted in a 50-60% proficiency rate for at-risk students who scored at a 10-20% proficiency rate the previous year
  • Developed public speaking and presentation skills during parent conference nights, back to school nights, faculty meetings, and day-to-day teaching

Personal Projects

Off To Taiwan | Github Repo - Mobile travel app for Taiwan built with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and React Native

No Regretsy | Github Repo - Team project to build an e-commerce website from scratch using Ruby on Rails.

API Muncher | GitHub Repo - Utilized Edamam API to create web-app to search for recipes with Ruby on Rails.

Trek | Github Repo - Built travel website using Javascript and jQuery that pulled data from a custom Trip API.


Ada Developers Academy | Seattle, Washington (2019)
Full Stack Software Engineering

  • Utilized Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Git, TDD, and Agile programming practices on weekly projects
  • Studied Object-Oriented Programming concepts and design, MVC architecture for web development, and Computer Science fundamentals

Claremont Graduate University | Claremont, California (2011)
Masters of Arts in Education and Math Credential
Math for America Fellowship Recipient

University of California, Berkeley | Berkeley, California (2009)
Bachelor of Arts in Pure Mathematics with a minor in Education

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