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Cédric Aellen alienlebarge

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View sentier-des-fontaines.gpx
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gpx creator="Garmin Connect" version="1.1"
xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:ns2="">
<name>Chemin des Fontaines</name>
<link href="">
<text>Garmin Connect</text>
View git:
# Remove file from the index without changing anything else.
git reset <file>
# Remove all files
git reset
View git flow: getting a published
# Get a feature published by another user.
git flow feature pull origin MYFEATURE
# You can track a feature on origin by using
git flow feature track MYFEATURE
View git flow: start a
# To start a release, use the git flow release command. It creates a release branch created from the 'develop' branch.
# You can optionally supply a [BASE] commit sha-1 hash to start the release from. The commit must be on the 'develop' branch.
git flow release start RELEASE [BASE]
View git flow: publish a
git flow release publish RELEASE
# You can track a remote release with the command
git flow release track RELEASE
View git flow: finish up a
git flow release finish RELEASE
# Don't forget to push your tags with
git push origin --tags