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DSM 5.2-5565 Update 1 issue: no disk sleeping or hibernation

The reason your diskstation may stop sleeping after this update is due to the 'winbindd' service continually touching a file (/usr/syno/etc/private/winbind_domain_list) which is hosted on disk. The continual touching of the file results in the disks being unable to sleep.

An issue which this update fixed is related to this service, so I suspect it was unintentionally introduced to fix a separate issue (specifically regarding RW access of Guest users).

To get your diskstation sleeping again, you simply have to stop the winbindd service. You can do this via the simple command "stop winbindd" via command line. Note that disabling that service will likely reintroduce the Guest RW issue which was fixed in this update.

Note that this service will automatically restart when your diskstation reboots. The permanent fix will need to come from Synology.

As a side note, you can use the following command line to hunt for any files modified within the last 30 minutes on your diskstation. This is what I used to find the above issue:

find / -path /dev -prune -o -path /proc -prune -o -path /run -prune -o -path /tmp -prune -o -mmin -30 -print

(The 'prune' flags will exclude paths which aren't hosted off of disk, such as /proc and /run)

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psmh commented May 27, 2015

I have the same problem after the new update. I want to try your suggeston. however I noted that are many process winbindd running in my DS213j.
Shall I kill all processes ?

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alienth commented May 27, 2015

@psmh, the service will fire up multiple processes. Issuing a single "stop winbindd" command should stop all of them.

I also heard back from Synology. They confirmed the issue and indicated it will be fixed on the next release.

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psmh commented May 29, 2015

Hi, in the meantime I also received an email from them informing to "wait for next / 2nd update". however no deadline for that.
Question: stoping those process will not create problems with writting / reading functionality or has nothing to do with harddisk releability check. correct?

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psmh commented May 29, 2015

Hi, today I discover another bug in this software update. DLNA is not working anymore with other equipments (e.g. TV). If you have an Synology APP in your tablet it might work. Otherwise, with other equipments using DLNA... no chance.
Well it seems that they really screw-up with this update.

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DeanTaplin commented May 30, 2015

You also need to run that stop command logged on as the root user

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schnatterer commented Jun 11, 2015

Hi guys,
thanks that worked for me in Update 1.

I Just installed 5.2-5565 Update 2 that announces Fixed an issue where system cannot enter hibernation. Let's see if they did as promised 😄

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Missingdatabit commented Jun 23, 2015

Still after the latest update my synology doesn't hibernate. I have just contacted them today to ask for an explanation.

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