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Ali alikrc

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import requests
# create your token with delete_repo scope
token = ""
userName = "alikrc"
repoName = ""
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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
class Solution
public int solution(int[] A)
var numberOfVariations = 0;
var alreadyCut = false;
alikrc /
Last active Jan 31, 2021
Domain Driven Design DDD microservice example





alikrc / identity server ef migration commands.ps1
Last active Jan 30, 2021
identity server ef migration commands
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dotnet ef migrations add InitialIdentityServerPersistedGrantDbMigration -c PersistedGrantDbContext -o Data/Migrations/IdentityServer/PersistedGrantDb
dotnet ef migrations add InitialIdentityServerConfigurationDbMigration -c ConfigurationDbContext -o Data/Migrations/IdentityServer/ConfigurationDb
dotnet ef migrations add InitialIdentityServerApplicationDbMigration -c ApplicationDbContext -o Data/Migrations/IdentityServer/ApplicationDb
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Created Dec 27, 2020
python script for pulling and saving your vault data to a json file. Also saves vault items ordered by rating
import requests
import json
import math
elementsList = []
itemPerPage = 100
epicClientSessionCookieValue = 'EPIC_CLIENT_SESSION_COOKIE_HERE'
alikrc / BasicObjectSpawner.cs
Last active Sep 14, 2020
Basic Object Spawner for unity editor
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using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System;
public class BasicObjectSpawner : EditorWindow
string objectBaseName;
int objectId;
GameObject objectToSpawn;
float objectScale;
alikrc / newInputSystemWithSendMessagesBehaviour.cs
Last active Sep 13, 2020
New input system unity with send messages behaviour. Set a projectile prefab before running
View newInputSystemWithSendMessagesBehaviour.cs
using System;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.InputSystem;
public class PlayerController : MonoBehaviour
public float speed = 10.0f;
public GameObject projectilePrefab;
private InputAction moveAction;
private InputAction fireAction;
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mklink /J "%appdata%\Unity" "A:\UnityAssetStoreCache"
alikrc /
Created Aug 11, 2020 — forked from jgoodall/
This is a sample of how to send some information to logstash via the TCP input from node.js or python.

This is a sample of how to send some information to logstash via the TCP input in nodejs or python. It assumes the logstash host is on and the TCP listening input is 9563.

The logstash.conf should look something like the sample file.

The log message should be a stringified JSON object with the log message in the @message field.

To use, run the node script node sendMessageToLogstash.js, or the python script python sendMessageToLogstash.js

View binAndObjDeletePowershell.ps1
Set-Location D:\MyProjectFolder
Get-ChildItem .\ -include bin,obj -Recurse | ForEach-Object ($_) { Remove-Item $_.FullName -Force -Recurse }