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Profile listing using easyAutocomplete
//Easy Autocomplete Options
var options = {
url: "datafeed.json",
getValue: "searchfield",
list: {
match: { enabled: true },
onShowListEvent: function() {
$("input[name='profileFinder']").on("input", mark);
template: {
type: "custom",
method: function(value, item) {
return "<div class='profileResult' onclick=location.href='" + item.url +"';><a href='"+ item.url+"'>"+
"<div class='profileImage'><img src='" + item.picture + "' /></div>"+
"<div class='profileText'><h3>"+ +"</h3><h4> "+ item.role +" </h4><p>"+ item.expertise +"</p>"+
//Load Easy Autocomplete
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