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Al Imran Ahmed alimranahmed

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alimranahmed /
Last active March 5, 2023 17:28
Commands for setting up linux server for PHP Project
# Source1:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y apache2
sudo apache2 -v
sudo apt install -y mysql-server
sudo apt install -y php libapache2-mod-php php-mysql php-common php-cli php-common php-json php-opcache php-readline php-dom php-curl
php -v
View str_is_matched.php
function isMatched(string $pattern, string $value): bool
if ($pattern == $value) {
return true;
$pattern = preg_quote($pattern, '#');
View Give remote and password access to a

To access from remote

mysql –u root -p

For changing from sudo accessible to password accessible(auth_socket to mysql_native_password)

View XmlToArrayParser.php
namespace App\Helpers;
* XML to Associative Array Class
* Usage:
* $domObj = new xmlToArrayParser($xml);
alimranahmed /
Last active March 26, 2020 06:23
Guide to Installations and Upgrades

Upgrade npm:

sudo npm install npm@latest -g
npm -v

Upgrade node:

sudo npm cache clean -f
View .php_cs
$finder = Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder::create()
alimranahmed /
Last active September 6, 2019 06:22
UK Mobile Number Validation Regex


alimranahmed / extendCollectionWithPaginate.php
Last active January 31, 2019 15:18
Extends Laravel collection with paginate() function like Eloquent
View extendCollectionWithPaginate.php
//----------------------------------------How to use?----------------------------------------------
// 1. Add the following private method in App\Providers\AppServiceProvider class
// 2. Call this function from boot() method of same class: $this->extendCollectionWithPaginate();
* Macro to extends Laravel Collection
* If you have a collection called $item and you want to paginate it like Eloquent paginate:
* $items->paginate($perPage)
alimranahmed / laravel.js
Created July 5, 2018 17:33 — forked from JeffreyWay/laravel.js
Want to send a DELETE request when outside of a form? This will handle the form-creation bits for you dynamically, similar to the Rails implementation. (Requires jQuery, but doesn't have to.) To use, import script, and create a link with the `data-method="DELETE"` attribute.
View laravel.js
<a href="posts/2" data-method="delete"> <---- We want to send an HTTP DELETE request
- Or, request confirmation in the process -
<a href="posts/2" data-method="delete" data-confirm="Are you sure?">
(function() {
alimranahmed /
Last active October 29, 2017 02:15
A very simple tool to decode xml. Python's Tkinter library used to build the interface. Python3^ is required.
import html
from tkinter import *
import xml.dom.minidom as dom
# author Al Imran Ahmed
# A very simple interface to decoded xml. i.e. &lttag&gt => <tag>
# requires python3^ with tkinter GUI library installed
class Application(Frame):
def decode_xml(self):