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Created December 2, 2019 14:19
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working_directory: ~/workspace
xcode: "10.2.1"
- install_android_sdk
- checkout
- checksum
- restore_cache:
key: gradle-{{ arch }}-{{ checksum "/tmp/checksum.txt" }}
- restore_cache:
key: konan-{{ arch }}-{{ checksum "/tmp/checksum.txt" }}
- run:
name: Create Framework
command: ./gradlew releaseFatFramework
- save_cache:
- ~/.gradle
key: gradle-{{ arch }}-{{ checksum "/tmp/checksum.txt" }}
- save_cache:
- ~/.konan
key: konan-{{ arch }}-{{ checksum "/tmp/checksum.txt" }}
- install_hub
- run:
name: Commit into iOS project
command: |
git config --global "CircleCi"
git config --global REDACTED
mkdir -p ~/workspace/Project_Framework/
git clone $FRAMEWORK_GIT_URL ~/workspace/Project_Framework/
cd ~/workspace/Project_Framework/
git checkout -b shared-update
rm -r -f $FRAMEWORK_PATH/shared.framework
cp -r ~/workspace/shared/build/fat-framework/release/shared.framework $FRAMEWORK_PATH/shared.framework
git add $FRAMEWORK_PATH/shared.framework
git commit -m "Updated the shared.framework. Build: $CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM"
git push -u origin shared-update
hub pull-request --no-edit
- store_artifacts:
path: shared/build/fat-framework
destination: fat-framework
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