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Unofficial brew formula for proxychains 4
# Unofficial brew formula for proxychains 4
# Instruction:
# $ git clone git:// gist-3792521
# $ brew install --HEAD gist-3792521/proxychains4_formula.rb
# The default config file will be located in /usr/local/etc/proxychains.conf
require 'formula'
class Proxychains < Formula
head ''
homepage ''
def install
system "./configure", "--prefix=#{prefix}"
system "make"
system "make install"
system "make install-config"
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rofl0r commented Sep 27, 2012

why do you post this here ? the official repo is

also you have to use --sysconfdir=/etc when you dont want the config file end up in $prefix/etc

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allenhuang commented Dec 13, 2012

As the title says: It's Unofficial.
See haad/proxychains#26 for details

And... rofl0r/proxychains forked from haad/proxychains
Why you claim 'rofl0r/proxychains' is official?

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cannium commented Jan 7, 2015

Why not push the formula to the official homebrew repo?

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