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Changelog 2.25.4
  • af30884ca Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.25.4 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 9f2e1bfde Version bump to 2.25.4 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 94dfed7a9 Updated Casper to 2.10.3 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 836f36d87 Version bump to 2.25.4 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 6ca34a29f 🐛 Allowed .ico files to be uploaded for icons. (#10820) - Jeffrey Fisher
  • fcfe825dc Update dependency walk-sync to v1.1.4 - Renovate Bot
  • 15a3dacf2 Fixed invalid method usage in members authentication - Rish
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