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Changelog 2.27.0
  • e0f3d90fa Version bump to 2.27.0 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 9f7a34c4d Updated Casper to 2.10.6 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 9ef00317e Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.27.0 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 5bb8fdf79 Version bump to 2.27.0 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • ec20b58c8 Fixed spam prevention test being affected by order - Hannah Wolfe
  • 167e1ead2 🐛 Ignored node_modules dir when archiving (#10969) - Sumedh Nimkarde
  • 494e0d14a Update dependency archiver to v3.1.1 (#10981) - renovate[bot]
  • 373627223 🐛 Ensured import does not override private setting (#10882) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 13b1a9e7e Update dependency sharp to v0.23.0 (#10984) - renovate[bot]
  • d96be4907 Fixed relative canonical_url values not being stored as root-relative (#10989) - Kevin Ansfield
  • ff4d3f9e6 Update dependency proxyquire to v2.1.1 - Renovate Bot
  • 1fd73e092 Fixed regression tests for roles and migrations - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 75ba8b5c6 Update dependency knex-migrator to v3.3.3 - Renovate Bot
  • 85c11b6bf Update dependency @html-next/vertical-collection to v1.0.0-beta.14 - Renovate Bot
  • 21427ad73 Created DB Backup integration (#10974) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • db9eed628 Switched to use v2 http module instead of ovelooked v1 - Nazar Gargol
  • 5f9f5ea0d Refactored oembed controller data validation - Rish
  • 75f6e9c0e Update dependency gscan to v2.7.0 - Hannah Wolfe
  • daae3964c Lock file maintenance - Renovate Bot
  • e0bfa6806 Fixed ".set called on destroyed object" error thrown in - Kevin Ansfield
  • 4e56ab2de Removed Makefile settings from .editorconfig - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 956da204f Expanded authentication test suite with cases for password reset flow - Nazar Gargol
  • 3945e8a5e Added missing doSettings call in updateSetup - Nazar Gargol
  • 589b78d57 Added missing validator to updateSetup method - Nazar Gargol
  • c7a836b92 Renamed sendNotification to sendWelcomeMail - Nazar Gargol
  • 8503bdceb Refactored sendNotification method to just use email address as parameter - Nazar Gargol
  • 36026ab92 Added email sending check to v0.1 test suite - Nazar Gargol
  • 27523e2ed Moved mailService stub closer to it's usecase - Nazar Gargol
  • dae69072f Removed unused 'setup.completed' event - Nazar Gargol
  • 7b97c1ada Added missing notification email when setting up a site - Nazar Gargol
  • b48fdaf1b Added {{link_class}} helper - Hannah Wolfe
  • 40d8cd332 Update dependency intl-messageformat to v5.4.3 - Renovate Bot
  • 5766edd6a Update dependency semver to v6.3.0 - Renovate Bot
  • 2d7a34fcb Update dependency amperize to v0.6.0 - Renovate Bot
  • c7a873b80 Update dependency @tryghost/html-to-mobiledoc to v0.5.0 - Renovate Bot
  • 8b651bff9 Migrated authentication.updateSetup method to v2 - Nazar Gargol
  • 03934e30c Removed old auth suite - Nazar Gargol
  • 67c2fb828 Added missing test coverage for "setupUpdate" method - Nazar Gargol
  • 4441ee15a Migrated authentication.isSetup method to v2 - Nazar Gargol
  • 07782d8fa Corrected object check to include 'url' property - Nazar Gargol
  • ddabd5e80 Migrated setup method - Nazar Gargol
  • a5990e555 Fixed lint error - Nazar Gargol
  • 132e278a2 Migrated authentication.isInvitation method to v2 - Nazar Gargol
  • f4b97d3bc Migrated authentication.acceptInvitation method to v2 - Nazar Gargol
  • 4da03a38b Corrected debug namespace - Nazar Gargol
  • 8135d4d18 Added validation layer to password reset - Nazar Gargol
  • 8c03c3a0d New {{concat}} helper - Hannah Wolfe
  • bbfea086b Updated navigation.hbs to use {{link_class}} - Hannah Wolfe
  • 833fe49e6 Added {{link}} helper - Hannah Wolfe
  • b3ed11719 Migrated authentication.resetPassword method to v2 - Nazar Gargol
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