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Eloy Durán alloy

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alloy / LiveQueryPolyfill.ts
Last active Oct 21, 2020
Rewrite GraphQL Live Query to subscription.
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* This is a Live Query polyfill, as graphql-js does not strictly have support for that. Instead, we leave it up to the
* client to recognize a Live Query is requested with the `@live` directive on a `query` operation and here we
* transform it into a `live` subscription instead.
* Consider a schema like the following:
* ```graphql
type Badge {
id: ID!
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scalar Date
type Query {
badge: Badge!
type Badge {
key: BadgeKey!
text: String!
history: BadgeHistoryConnection!
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alloy / build-settings.rb
Created Apr 28, 2020
Example of ways to introspect Xcode build settings
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# gem install xcodeproj claide hashdiff
require 'xcodeproj'
require 'claide'
require 'pp'
argv =
project_path = argv.shift_argument
target_name = argv.option("target")
target_type = argv.option("target-type", "PBXNativeTarget")
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require 'xcodeproj'
require 'pp'
unless (project_path = ARGV[0]) && (target_name = ARGV[1])
raise "Usage: ruby #{__FILE__} path/to/the.xcodeproj target-name [diff-base-config]"
project =
target = project.targets.find { |t| == target_name }
alloy / stderr.txt
Last active Feb 28, 2020
v0.62.0-rc.3 CHANGELOG
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~/C/R/r/releases [changelog-fixes] » yarn generate -b v0.61.5 -c v0.62.0-rc.3 -r ../../react-native -f ./ -t [GITHUB-TOKEN]
Resolve base commit
Fetch commit data
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const fs = require("fs");
const PromisePool = require("@supercharge/promise-pool");
const { git, getOriginalCommit } = require("./scripts/changelog-generator");
const gitDir = "/Users/eloy/Code/ReactNative/react-native/.git"
const seen = new Map()
const SHAs = new Set()
const existingChangelogData = fs.readFileSync("./", "utf8");
alloy / Podfile
Last active Feb 28, 2020
Example of a Podfile that builds React Native without integrating into an app
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require_relative '../node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-ios/native_modules'
install! 'cocoapods', :integrate_targets => false
platform :ios, '9.0'
pod 'FBLazyVector', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/FBLazyVector"
pod 'FBReactNativeSpec', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/FBReactNativeSpec"
pod 'RCTRequired', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/RCTRequired"
pod 'RCTTypeSafety', :path => "../node_modules/react-native/Libraries/TypeSafety"

In an effort to try to get TypeScript definitions for React Native consistent with the cononical Flow types, I have been looking into the possibility of automating this process.

My initial approach was to see how far I could get without any help needed from Facebook’s side. This process looks something like this:

  1. Transform Flow codebase to TypeScript by leveraging existing tooling with a few additional changes, which mostly replaces Flow utility types with TypeScript ones. (This tooling is presumably meant for people migrating from Flow to TypeScript and thus it is ok for these tools to not deliver perfect conversions.)
  2. Replace $ObjMap usage with a mapped type, as RN’s usage of $ObjMap is trivial (return types are static).
  3. Replace import type {Foo} from "./some-module" with import {Foo} from "./some-module".
  4. Replace `m
alloy / 1-input.ts
Last active Feb 17, 2020
Why does TypeScript inline the typeof type?
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const x = {
foo: "bar",
answer: 42
type X = typeof x
export default {
get X(): X {
return x
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