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display_usage() {
echo "This script check connection to list of URLs with specified host."
echo -e "\nUsage:\n$0 ipsfile hostname\n"
echo -e "\nExample:\n$0 moz-com.list\n"
if [ $# -le 1 ]
exit 1
while read -r line; do
response_http=$(curl -H "Host: $2" --connect-timeout 5 --write-out "code: %{http_code}, length: %{size_download}, redirect: %{redirect_url}" --silent --output /dev/null -k http://$line)
response_https=$(curl -H "Host: $2" --connect-timeout 5 --write-out "code: %{http_code}, length: %{size_download}, redirect: %{redirect_url}" --silent --output /dev/null -k https://$line)
echo "HTTP: $line response [ $response_http ]"
echo "HTTPS: $line response [ $response_https ]"
done < "$1"
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