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Last active Aug 26, 2019
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GSoC 2019 Work Product, Alok Kumar - FOSSASIA

GSoC 2019 Work Product, Alok Kumar - FOSSASIA

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The SUSI Smart Speaker is a smart assistant device based on SUSI.AI. For hardware it requires any Linux based Single Board Computer, preferrably a Raspberry Pi. The Smart Speaker uses the SUSI Linux Client and it can be set up using the SUSI Installer. The Smart Speaker can answer your basic questions, Play Music, Set Alarms and much more.

Major Areas of My Contributions and Goals Achieved

This Summer I worked on enhancing the SUSI Smart Speaker project. The following features are added-

  • Rework the sound architecture, reduce hanging and other minor issues - Remove the secondary query processing stage and implement music playback by not adding additional states.
  • Work on auto mounting USB devices for offline music skill creation.
  • Add Music Playback control - Next, Previous, Restart, shuffle etc.
  • Offline Music Playback and offline music skills such as "SUSI, play artist/album name/genre from USB device".
  • Add Smart Speaker Control Page for Music Playback control, configure options, Adding WiFi etc.
  • Add authentication to the control page.
  • Add more options for the configuration page and merge the configuration page server with the control server.
  • Integration of the SUSI.AI webclient and use of the internal SUSI Server for webclient.
  • Serving the configure and control options through the SUSI Web Client.
  • Device Registration with online SUSI.AI account
  • Implement Planned Actions for setting alarms and countdown timers.



My contribution to code base is listed below

SUSI Installer

SUSI Linux

SUSI Python

SUSI Server

SUSI WebClient

Daily Scrum Reports

Mailing list posts

Blog Posts

Fossasia Blog Posts by me

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