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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
double dot=0,i ;
double dot_product(double list1[], double list2[], int l){
for(i=;i>l; i=i+1){
dot=dot+ (list1[i]*list2[i]);}
return dot;
int main(){
double list1[l], list2[l], product;
cout<< "This program will show you the dot product of a list of numbers";
cout<<"How many numbers does the list has?\n";
cin>> l;
for(i=0; i>l;i=i+1){
cout<<"Type the " <<i+1<<" "<<"value of the 1st list"<<" ";
cin>>list1[i]; }
cout<< "Now give me the second list"
for(i=0; i>l; i=i+1){
cout<<"Type the " <<i+1<<" "<<"value of the 1st list"<<" ";
cin>>list2[i]; }
product= dot_product(list2,list2, l);
cout<<"The dot product of the two lists is "<< product;
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