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Created February 3, 2012 07:31
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Google Text to Speech API

Google Text to Speech API

Base URL:
It converts written words into audio. It accepts GET requests.


The query string to convert to audio

Translation language, for example, ar for Arabic, or en-us for English

Encoding format, use default UTF-8


This is an example for Arabic "السلام عليكم"

This is an example for English "Hello World"
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Sometime recently I exceeded some undocumented limit and no longer get anything via CLI. If I enter the URL into a browser I get sent to a captcha, after which it works. Anybody seen this and have a suggestion of how to proceed?

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shdown commented Aug 27, 2015

@HealingTek, append &client=t to your URL and make sure your CLI client has a browser User-Agent string (e.g. Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:39.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/39.0) (see

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This is cool!

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iiiears commented Sep 28, 2015

Great! The world is now smaller and friendlier. :)

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Hi Guys ,
I am ok taking a paid service, but tis there a way i can change the voice, I may possibly need a male voice and with different accents . Does the API has this service ?

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All this works appending to avoid seeing the captcha: Mozilla/5.0 and &client=t. However, Google will still throttle use of the API if it notices "unusual activity" from a client IP. I tried it and sometimes would work and sometimes would not as Google would throttle/disable from the client url. If there any way around this?

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eteache commented Feb 29, 2016

Today this is not working anymore.

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oaeide commented Mar 13, 2016

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Thanks @oaeide it works for me (obviously the example in the md article is no longer valid...)
It's quite a confusion for me that why Google does not provide a clear doc for this API about each argument? It's disappointed that we have to guess how to use it properly...

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I have error 403.
Negated access. How I can fix it?

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I´ve made a helper to .net... check it out in my git hub... but to play in your app you'll need add references from windows media player.

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gabouh commented May 10, 2016

Thanks @oaeide it works for me. 👍

How it would be possible to have that service offline?, the input text to an mp3 file ?

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Thanks you @oaeide it works for me too.

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How to use this api for persian language ?

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ghost commented Aug 7, 2016

Thanks @oaeide it works for me too.

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Qutyba commented Oct 13, 2016

Thanks @oaeide it works for me

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You need to add &client=tw-ob to make it work.

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azim91 commented Feb 3, 2017

hi, i dont use it in android device, how can fix it ?

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Thank you @rcarubbi for providing .NET helper class

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The code with wget works fine. Does anyone know how to force male voice instead of female? Thank you.

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Nalinh commented Mar 28, 2017

How to use this api for Vietnamese language ? Plz ! Tks

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Nalinh commented Mar 28, 2017

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Thanks @Smile4ever

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It now returns a 503 ERROR

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i got 404 error. Although I'm just using hardly 10 characters. still it is not working.

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I'm trying to get text-speech into my react app ,I've found this example [] ,it worked fine with chrome and edge,otherwise on Firefox it can't read more than 2 languages US-english ,I just want the german language.
Any idea on how to fix it ?

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If it is not lowercase it fails for me

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I created a Python package for this purpose. You can find it here:

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