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$ expo init
? Choose a project name: test-project
? Choose a template: expo-template-blank
? Yarn v1.12.3 found. Use Yarn to install dependencies? Yes
[22:35:26] Extracting project files...
[22:35:27] Customizing project...
[22:35:27] Initialized a git repository.
[22:35:27] Installing dependencies...
yarn install v1.12.3
info No lockfile found.
[1/4] 🔍 Resolving packages...
[2/4] 🚚 Fetching packages...
[3/4] 🔗 Linking dependencies...
[4/4] 📃 Building fresh packages...
success Saved lockfile.
✨ Done in 35.73s.
Your project is ready at /private/tmp/test-project
To get started, you can type:
cd test-project
yarn start
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