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Created December 16, 2018 10:24
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Org mode: Add syntax to export HTML KBD elements
;;; org-kbd
;; (setq org-emphasis-alist '(("%" org-kbd verbatim)
;; ("*" bold)
;; ("/" italic)
;; ("_" underline)
;; ("=" org-verbatim verbatim)
;; ("~" org-code verbatim)
;; ("+"
;; (:strike-through t))))
(add-to-list 'org-emphasis-alist '("%" org-kbd verbatim))
(add-to-list 'org-html-text-markup-alist '(kbd . "<kbd>%s</kbd>"))
(defun org-html-kbd (_kbd contents info)
"Transcode KBD from Org to HTML.
CONTENTS is the text with kbd markup. INFO is a plist holding
contextual information."
(format (or (cdr (assq 'kbd (plist-get info :html-text-markup-alist))) "%s")
;; Not sure if this is necessary. See `org-element-update-syntax'.
(org-set-emph-re 'org-emphasis-alist org-emphasis-alist)
(defface org-kbd
'((t (:inherit org-verbatim)))
"Face for Org keyboard emphasis.")
(defun org-element-kbd-parser ()
"Parse kbd object at point, if any.
When at a kbd object, return a list whose car is `kbd' and cdr
is a plist with `:begin', `:end', `:contents-begin' and
`:contents-end' and `:post-blank' keywords. Otherwise, return
Assume point is at the first star marker."
(unless (bolp) (backward-char 1))
(when (looking-at org-emph-re)
(let ((begin (match-beginning 2))
(contents-begin (match-beginning 4))
(contents-end (match-end 4))
(post-blank (progn (goto-char (match-end 2))
(skip-chars-forward " \t")))
(end (point)))
(list 'kbd
(list :begin begin
:end end
:contents-begin contents-begin
:contents-end contents-end
:post-blank post-blank))))))
;; MAYBE: Define a derived backend rather than replacing the HTML one.
(org-export-define-backend 'html
'((kbd . org-html-kbd)
(bold . org-html-bold)
(center-block . org-html-center-block)
(clock . org-html-clock)
(code . org-html-code)
(drawer . org-html-drawer)
(dynamic-block . org-html-dynamic-block)
(entity . org-html-entity)
(example-block . org-html-example-block)
(export-block . org-html-export-block)
(export-snippet . org-html-export-snippet)
(fixed-width . org-html-fixed-width)
(footnote-definition . org-html-footnote-definition)
(footnote-reference . org-html-footnote-reference)
(headline . org-html-headline)
(horizontal-rule . org-html-horizontal-rule)
(inline-src-block . org-html-inline-src-block)
(inlinetask . org-html-inlinetask)
(inner-template . org-html-inner-template)
(italic . org-html-italic)
(item . org-html-item)
(keyword . org-html-keyword)
(latex-environment . org-html-latex-environment)
(latex-fragment . org-html-latex-fragment)
(line-break . org-html-line-break)
(link . org-html-link)
(node-property . org-html-node-property)
(paragraph . org-html-paragraph)
(plain-list . org-html-plain-list)
(plain-text . org-html-plain-text)
(planning . org-html-planning)
(property-drawer . org-html-property-drawer)
(quote-block . org-html-quote-block)
(radio-target . org-html-radio-target)
(section . org-html-section)
(special-block . org-html-special-block)
(src-block . org-html-src-block)
(statistics-cookie . org-html-statistics-cookie)
(strike-through . org-html-strike-through)
(subscript . org-html-subscript)
(superscript . org-html-superscript)
(table . org-html-table)
(table-cell . org-html-table-cell)
(table-row . org-html-table-row)
(target . org-html-target)
(template . org-html-template)
(timestamp . org-html-timestamp)
(underline . org-html-underline)
(verbatim . org-html-verbatim)
(verse-block . org-html-verse-block))
:filters-alist '((:filter-options . org-html-infojs-install-script)
(:filter-final-output . org-html-final-function))
'(?h "Export to HTML"
((?H "As HTML buffer" org-html-export-as-html)
(?h "As HTML file" org-html-export-to-html)
(?o "As HTML file and open"
(lambda (a s v b)
(if a (org-html-export-to-html t s v b)
(org-open-file (org-html-export-to-html nil s v b)))))))
'((:html-doctype "HTML_DOCTYPE" nil org-html-doctype)
(:html-container "HTML_CONTAINER" nil org-html-container-element)
(:description "DESCRIPTION" nil nil newline)
(:keywords "KEYWORDS" nil nil space)
(:html-html5-fancy nil "html5-fancy" org-html-html5-fancy)
(:html-link-use-abs-url nil "html-link-use-abs-url" org-html-link-use-abs-url)
(:html-link-home "HTML_LINK_HOME" nil org-html-link-home)
(:html-link-up "HTML_LINK_UP" nil org-html-link-up)
(:html-mathjax "HTML_MATHJAX" nil "" space)
(:html-postamble nil "html-postamble" org-html-postamble)
(:html-preamble nil "html-preamble" org-html-preamble)
(:html-head "HTML_HEAD" nil org-html-head newline)
(:html-head-extra "HTML_HEAD_EXTRA" nil org-html-head-extra newline)
(:subtitle "SUBTITLE" nil nil parse)
nil "html-style" org-html-head-include-default-style)
(:html-head-include-scripts nil "html-scripts" org-html-head-include-scripts)
nil nil org-html-allow-name-attribute-in-anchors)
(:html-divs nil nil org-html-divs)
(:html-checkbox-type nil nil org-html-checkbox-type)
(:html-extension nil nil org-html-extension)
(:html-footnote-format nil nil org-html-footnote-format)
(:html-footnote-separator nil nil org-html-footnote-separator)
(:html-footnotes-section nil nil org-html-footnotes-section)
(:html-format-drawer-function nil nil org-html-format-drawer-function)
(:html-format-headline-function nil nil org-html-format-headline-function)
nil nil org-html-format-inlinetask-function)
(:html-home/up-format nil nil org-html-home/up-format)
(:html-indent nil nil org-html-indent)
(:html-infojs-options nil nil org-html-infojs-options)
(:html-infojs-template nil nil org-html-infojs-template)
(:html-inline-image-rules nil nil org-html-inline-image-rules)
(:html-link-org-files-as-html nil nil org-html-link-org-files-as-html)
(:html-mathjax-options nil nil org-html-mathjax-options)
(:html-mathjax-template nil nil org-html-mathjax-template)
(:html-metadata-timestamp-format nil nil org-html-metadata-timestamp-format)
(:html-postamble-format nil nil org-html-postamble-format)
(:html-preamble-format nil nil org-html-preamble-format)
nil nil org-html-table-align-individual-fields)
(:html-table-caption-above nil nil org-html-table-caption-above)
(:html-table-data-tags nil nil org-html-table-data-tags)
(:html-table-header-tags nil nil org-html-table-header-tags)
nil nil org-html-table-use-header-tags-for-first-column)
(:html-tag-class-prefix nil nil org-html-tag-class-prefix)
(:html-text-markup-alist nil nil org-html-text-markup-alist)
(:html-todo-kwd-class-prefix nil nil org-html-todo-kwd-class-prefix)
(:html-toplevel-hlevel nil nil org-html-toplevel-hlevel)
(:html-use-infojs nil nil org-html-use-infojs)
(:html-validation-link nil nil org-html-validation-link)
(:html-viewport nil nil org-html-viewport)
(:html-inline-images nil nil org-html-inline-images)
(:html-table-attributes nil nil org-html-table-default-attributes)
(:html-table-row-open-tag nil nil org-html-table-row-open-tag)
(:html-table-row-close-tag nil nil org-html-table-row-close-tag)
(:html-xml-declaration nil nil org-html-xml-declaration)
(:infojs-opt "INFOJS_OPT" nil nil)
;; Redefine regular options.
(:creator "CREATOR" nil org-html-creator-string)
(:with-latex nil "tex" org-html-with-latex)
;; Retrieve LaTeX header for fragments.
(:latex-header "LATEX_HEADER" nil nil newline)))
(defun org-element--object-lex (restriction)
"Return next object in current buffer or nil.
RESTRICTION is a list of object types, as symbols, that should be
looked after. This function assumes that the buffer is narrowed
to an appropriate container (e.g., a paragraph)."
(if (memq 'table-cell restriction) (org-element-table-cell-parser)
(let* ((start (point))
(cond ((not org-target-link-regexp) nil)
((not (memq 'link restriction)) nil)
(unless (bolp) (forward-char -1))
(not (re-search-forward org-target-link-regexp nil t)))
;; Since we moved backward, we do not want to
;; match again an hypothetical 1-character long
;; radio link before us. Realizing that this can
;; only happen if such a radio link starts at
;; beginning of line, we prevent this here.
((and (= start (1+ (line-beginning-position)))
(= start (match-end 1)))
(and (re-search-forward org-target-link-regexp nil t)
(match-beginning 1)))
(t (match-beginning 1)))))
(while (and (not found)
(re-search-forward org-element--object-regexp limit 'move))
(goto-char (match-beginning 0))
(let ((result (match-string 0)))
(setq found
((string-prefix-p "call_" result t)
(and (memq 'inline-babel-call restriction)
((string-prefix-p "src_" result t)
(and (memq 'inline-src-block restriction)
(pcase (char-after)
(?^ (and (memq 'superscript restriction)
(?_ (or (and (memq 'subscript restriction)
(and (memq 'underline restriction)
(?* (and (memq 'bold restriction)
(?/ (and (memq 'italic restriction)
(?~ (and (memq 'code restriction)
(?= (and (memq 'verbatim restriction)
(?+ (and (memq 'strike-through restriction)
(?@ (and (memq 'export-snippet restriction)
(?{ (and (memq 'macro restriction)
(?$ (and (memq 'latex-fragment restriction)
(if (eq (aref result 1) ?<)
(or (and (memq 'radio-target restriction)
(and (memq 'target restriction)
(or (and (memq 'timestamp restriction)
(and (or (memq 'link restriction)
(memq 'simple-link restriction))
(if (eq (aref result 1) ?\\)
(and (memq 'line-break restriction)
(or (and (memq 'entity restriction)
(and (memq 'latex-fragment restriction)
(if (eq (aref result 1) ?\[)
(and (memq 'link restriction)
(or (and (memq 'footnote-reference restriction)
(and (memq 'timestamp restriction)
(and (memq 'statistics-cookie restriction)
;; NOTE: This is the new code. I wish this didn't require modifying this function.
(?% (and (memq 'kbd restriction)
;; This is probably a plain link.
(_ (and (or (memq 'link restriction)
(memq 'simple-link restriction))
(or (eobp) (forward-char))))
(cond (found)
(limit (org-element-link-parser)) ;radio link
(t nil)))))
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